Infused with Wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Insight, the Rosh Chodesh Society’s newest course, is a remarkably transformative experience that unveils the purpose, beauty, and power buried within ourselves, our destiny, and all of existence. It does so by distilling the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s unique wisdom, and infusing our lives with the ability to see things from his empowering perspective.

Contrary to the idiom, “What you see is what you get,” our sight is superficial, taking in the exterior and leaving the interior undiscovered. With insight, however, we enter within and encounter a deeper, more truthful, and divine reality begging to be embraced.

This seven-part course explores the Rebbe’s broad view of the world at large, our personal failures, the feminine role, current trends and events, and more. We invite you on a journey in which wild jungles morph into beautiful gardens, dreadful weakness becomes cathartic strength, and blind adherents become conductors of insight. . .

Sight is seeing what is. Insight is seeing what could be.

Changing of the Garden

A WORLD ABLOOM IN GOODNESS With the Rebbe’s outstanding, indefatigable optimism, he taught that all that transpires in the universe are expressions of G-d’s beautiful “garden.” How can we dig beneath the surface and uncover that wellspring of goodness and virtue? Gain insight into a different view of the world.

Brewed to Perfection

YOUR UNCONDITIONAL POTENTIAL Unconditional love. Acceptance of all people. How can we rise to the challenge and see neither failure nor weakness, but the internal core of perfection in every human being? Gain insight into a different view of the human being.

At the Bottom of the Pot

WHEN FAILURE INSPIRES FRUITION Imagine if past regretful choices could be used as a springboard to greater places! Learn how to reframe your views of personal negative history and empower yourself to thrive—not despite, but—because of it. Gain insight into a different view of failure.

An Eternal Blueprint

BLENDING CELESTIAL SPIRIT AND MUNDANE MATTERS If you’re seeking the secret toward a harmonious life, it lies within the Torah’s instruction. Not only is it a guide to a holy life, but within its instruction lies the key to achieving optimal success in a material sense as well. Gain insight into a different view of the Torah.

The Dawning of an Era

THE ESSENCE OF THE FEMININE ROLE Why is the epoch of Redemption equated with the Feminine Era? Don’t both men and women have a part in bringing the world to this blissful state? Explore why Jewish women play the lead role in bringing all of creation to that awaited time. Gain insight into a different view of women and the feminine role.

Destiny Distilled

OPEN YOUR EYES TO AN AUGMENTED REALITY We live in unprecedented times. How can we harness the revolutionary technological, medical, political, etc., changes all around us? How do we take advantage of this extraordinary moment in history and energize ourselves for the sprint to the finish line? Gain insight into a different view of contemporary events and trends.

Served Strong

BE A LEADER. CREATE LEADERS. What is ideal Jewish leadership? What makes an effective leader? What makes a Rebbe? The Rebbe never set out to create followers at all, but rather, to create leaders. How can we apply this successful paradigm to all areas of leadership? Gain insight into a different view of leadership.